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2022 Reel 



Its a pup take over during Greenville' Humane Society's 10th annual Mutt Strut! Every person (and pet) had a barking good time with free pizza, games , prizes and more. But it's not all fun and games, organizers say 100% of the profits went towards helping animals in need. 


Join us as we celebrate  South Carolina governor and U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley's 90th birthday and learn more about this true trailblazer whose mission changed an entire generation of children.  Copywritten :Hearst  


Goats and yoga? An odd combination but these students don't mind getting up close and personal with life on the farm! This unique experience is unlike any you've seen before. 

Copywritten: Meredith. 


As more people face homelessness each year, one group unites to develop their own tent city. Homeless leaders work to provide food, toiletries, and protection from the elements but as the group grows so does tension with the city. 


As we celebrate Black History month, we look back to the many faces that made upstate South Carolina what it is today. Through hardship and turmoil, these individuals rose above the doubt and we honor their contribution. 

Copywritten: Hearst


Top bicyclist from across  the nation gather for the annual Tour de la Anderson. As many compete for top spots, sponsors use the boosted tourism to bring awareness and raise funds for their cause. 

Copywritten: Meredith


Citizens of Ukraine are faced with what many cannot imagine, watching as their homes are destroyed and loved ones are ravaged by war. When given the option to flee or stay and fight, this group decided to stand firm against opposition. We get a view of their bunker and see the sacrifices made for their country. 

Copywritten: Hearst


Streams, rivers, and oceans make up the veins of mother Earth and we are all connected by water. It's necessary for life to thrive and makes up much of our blue planet. But, what happens when trash enters our waterways? Where does it go and what are the consequences of  leaving it to float downstream? 


Tensions rise in a small community causing nearly every police officer in the department to walk out. Find out why many don't approve of the new police chief and the city mayor's response to the drama. 

Copywritten: Hearst


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